Anand Joshi
Anand Joshi
AI / Computer Vision Executive Analyst, Omdia


Where are all the Sub 1W chipsets, needed for AI at the Edge ?


During the last three years, more than one hundred AI chipset accelerators have been announced. They span from ultra low power neurotrophic chips to kilowatt enterprise wafer-lettes. However, the sub 1W market for chipsets, where the highest number of CPU is currently shipped today, has remained out of the limelight, and presents numerous significant opportunities for AI acceleration.

This presentation will focus on the low power chipset market for AI acceleration.  We’ll cover different architectures offered, the opportunities and challenges in the sub 1W chipset category.


Anand Joshi is an executive, entrepreneur and analyst with focus on computer vision and AI. He is actively involved in consulting and writing market research reports focusing on AI/deep learning chipsets, edge/data center AI and computer vision as Principal Analyst at Omdia and Partner at JP Research. His reports are consumed by world’s top semiconductor, cloud and enterprise companies. As an executive, he’s worked recently at Wave Computing, Thinci and Redpine Signals to build and manage AI products. His career includes experience building edge AI chipset and video analytics software products catering to IoT, retail and gaming markets. He’s actively involved in AI and Computer Vision community and writes/speaks frequently in conferences. He also actively advises and consults to companies in the matters pertaining to AI/CV product definition,  marketing, and business development.

Anand is a technology industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in semiconductors and embedded devices world.  During the course of his career, he has successfully built startup businesses as well as business units within larger companies. His career spans Synopsys, LSI Logic, Poseidon Design Systems, Alten Calsoft and Cap Gemini. He holds MSEE from Virginia Tech and MBA from UC Irvine.