D'vorah Graeser
D'vorah Graeser
Founder, KISSPlatform


How KISSPlatform Will Help You Build Organizational Innovation



Dr. D’vorah Graeser has supported 1000+ patent applications in 15+ industries over the course of her career.

With a roster of clients ranging from first-time solopreneurs to large corporations with robust IP portfolios, D’vorah has become a sought-after expert in emerging tech Intellectual Property strategy.

She has two companies: KISSPlatform and KISSPatent.

KISSPlatform facilitates better innovation by using AI to strategically analyze new ideas for uniqueness and product/market fit, and by automating patent search, drawing, and drafting procedures.

KISSPatent puts the power of patent protection for your unique software idea in your hands. We help startups and growing businesses increase their valuation, keep them from getting blocked, and protect their ideas with intellectual property.

Dr. D’vorah helps entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and growing businesses analyze their ideas for uniqueness, find product/market fit, increase their valuation, and protect those ideas with patents, trademarks, and copyrights — all without breaking the budget.