David Wyatt
David Wyatt
CTO, PixelDisplay


Rethinking the GPU, the Case for AI/Compute at Visual Edge in the SmartPixels Era


No longer solely the focus of avid gamers, the Graphics Chip that accelerated the rendering of 2D & 3D pixels on PC Monitors for more than 3 decades, now finds most attention applying that same parallel processing hardware to accelerating Compute, Cryptocurrency, AI and even remote rendering in the Cloud. But as we move into the next era of visual computing at the Edge, with Glasses-free Holographic displays, MicroLED powered AR glasses, and GaN Emitters combined with CMOS Image-Sensors on Silicon backplanes at over 1000 pixels per-inch, can this old GPU Accelerator Architecture keep up with the “Internet of Display Things” ? Is it even the right architecture for any of these jobs going forward ? This talk will cover how the next generation of visualization is also enabling the next generation of AI, Compute and Graphics at the Visual Edge.


David Wyatt is the CTO of PixelDisplay, a company he co-founded in 2015. David is the inventor of PixelDisplay’s VividColor™, NoBlue™, NanoBright™, and SmartPixels™ technologies that give system developers better visual solutions, and leading-edge intelligent MicroLED. Prior to founding PixelDisplay, David was a Distinguished Engineer at NVIDIA, leading technology developments on GPU’s, Tegra, including inventing NVIDIA’s Hybrid Graphics, and G-SYNC technologies. Before NVIDIA, David was a Chief Engineer, and Platform Architect at Intel for 8yrs; and previous lead engineering roles in early fabless graphics pioneers including Weitek and Chips&Technologies. Now with over 20 years’ experience in Silicon Valley, David’s many pioneering innovations cover a wide range of disruptive technologies, such as thinner-lighter-faster portable devices, 24Hr battery-life, smart displays, and more.

David originates from rural Australia, the country where he studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Queensland, before following his engineer passion for both hardware and software into entrepreneurism, to found his first Startup in Taiwan; learning Mandarin on the fly, before finally coming to the US through an acquisition.

Today with more than 116 issued US patents, over 200 patents filed internationally, across a wide variety of areas, David’s IP has become an integral part of industry standards (including VESA, HDMI, HDCP, PCI, USB and JEDEC), and key features on products including those from Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Lenovo, Sony, Xiaomi and many more.