Franco Maloberti
Franco Maloberti
Past President IEEE CASS, IEEE Fellow


Analog Circuits for AI


As known, the real world is analog while the world of electronics is moving more and more towards digital solutions. There are advantages and disadvantages of the use of analog or digital solutions, in particular with analog techniques, the lowest power consumption and a behaviour close to the real world are obtained. Circuits that perform artificial intelligence functions require simple operations that can be implemented in the analog domain. Furthermore, the use of medium-resolution analog-to-digital converters allows the transition to the digital world thus allowing a mixed implementation of required functions. This presentation discusses analog and mixed circuits for the construction of circuits for artificial intelligence.


Franco Maloberti (M’84–SM’87–F’96–LF’16) received the Laurea Degree in Physics (Summa cum Laude) from the University of Parma, Italy, and the Dr. Honoris Causa degree in Electronics from the Inaoe, Puebla, Mexico. He was a Visiting Professor at ETH-PEL, Zurich and at EPFL-LEG, Lausanne. He was the TI/J.Kilby Analog Engineering Chair Professor at the Texas A&M University and the Distinguished Microelectronic Chair Professor at University of Texas at Dallas. He is Emeritus Professor at the University of Pavia, Italy. He is Honorary Professor, University of Macau, China SAR. His professional expertise is in the design, analysis and characterization of integrated circuits and analogue digital applications, mainly in the areas of switched capacitor circuits, data converters, interfaces for telecommunication and sensor systems, and CAD for analogue and mixed A-D design. He has written more than 600 published papers, seven books and holds 37 patents. He is the Chairman of The Academic Committee of the Microelectronics Key Lab. Macau, China. He is the Past President of the IEEE CAS Society (2017-18) and President (1015-16), he was VP Region 8 of IEEE CAS (1995-1997), Associate Editor of IEEE-TCAS-II, President of the IEEE Sensor Council (2002-2003), IEEE CAS BoG member (2003-2005), VP Publications IEEE CAS (2007-2008). He was DL IEEE SSC Society (2009-2010) and DL IEEE CAS Society (2006-2007; 2012-2013). He received the 1999 IEEE CAS Society Meritorious Service Award, the 2000 CAS Society Golden Jubilee Medal, and the IEEE Millenium Medal. He received the 1996 IEE Fleming Premium, the ESSCIRC 2007 Best Paper Award and the IEEJ Workshop 2007 and 2010 Best Paper Award. He received the IEEE CAS Society 2013 Mac Van Valkenburg Award. He is an IEEE Life Fellow.