Gautam Khera
Gautam Khera
Sr. Global Director, Western Digital


AI in the Design of Industrial Processes and Manufacturing Systems



Dr. Gautam Khera has held engineering and leadership roles in the hi-tech storage/semi manufacturing space and is currently Senior Global Director at Western Digital.  Having developed and launched nearly 20 B2B data storage products through the full product life-cycle, Gautam has a wholistic industry view, living at the center of product, technology, and manufacturing.  His scope includes product/program management, technology integration and device build, advanced analytics, AI and big data, and overall strategy.  Through a 20 year journey navigating this space he is a proven thought leader, breakthrough generator and results-delivering business leader, who has successfully pioneered and executed numerous initiatives over this scope, including the cultural aspects and organization building.  Gautam attended Carleton College, received the Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Minnesota, and the Ignite/PRIE Certificate from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.