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Courses Offered

Career-aligned specializations to help you thrive in this digital era

Data Science

Covers the concepts and tools you need throughout the entire data science pipeline, from extracting meaningful information to making inferences and establishing results.


Covers Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking techniques, and builds a solid foundation for designing, developing, and delivering security products and applications.


Offers state-of-the-art knowledge about robotics, covering the AI and deep learning techniques used for the Robotics applications such as semantic segmentation and object detection.

Computer Vision

Offers a detailed understanding of advanced vision AI and focuses on deep learning methods, especially convolutional neural methods.


Covers the concepts and techniques of deep learning needed to build cutting-edge NLP systems and to design NLP applications.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Covers deep learning techniques, state-of-art methods, and concepts to detect spatial and temporal events in videos.

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