Panel Discussion:

Collaboration for Safety of Autonomous Vehicles

Panel Chair/Moderator: John Currie, Business Development Director at UL


Benjamin Lewis, Director, Automotive & Mobility Strategic Partnerships at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Mike Wagner, CEO, Edge Case Research

Sagar Behere, Systems Engineering lead at Toyota Research Institute


Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with compute and sensor technologies, are converging in autonomous vehicle (AV) systems, and are expected to transform the future of global mobility. The safe operation of autonomous vehicles concerns all stakeholders, including vehicle OEMs, insurers, governments, and of course the general public.   This panel discussion engages in a conversation about the need to  understand the risks and opportunities of autonomous, AI-enabled systems, and most importantly how to help ensure their safe deployment and operation in public spaces.  We bring together industry thought leaders to consider topics in AV safety and implications for society.

This will be a high level discussion, and not delve into specific legal or ethical concerns.  Rather, we seek to discuss important aspects for consideration, including which safety practices from the existing mobility or other industries may be applicable, or what may be considered best practices for enhancing safety. Some of the questions that are addressed are

Who owns safety (i.e. OEM, vehicle owner/operator, insurers)?  How is safety measured?  What is safe enough?  Is 3rd-party verification needed?  What standards exist/what standards are needed?  How will vehicle insurers quantify risk and set rates?  What is the role of municipal, state, and federal governments?  Role of simulation, test track, and public road testing?  If AV algorithms can learn and self-modify, how will safety compliance be ensured over the life of the vehicle?


Panel Chair/Moderator

John Currie

Business Development Director at UL



Benjamin Lewis

Director, Automotive & Mobility Strategic Partnerships at Liberty Mutual Insurance


Mike Wagner

CEO of Edge Case Research


Sagar Behere

Senior Manager, Highly Automated Driving, Toyota Research Institute